P.E. – Top Ticket

Early live shows of P.E. were largely, if not entirely, improvisational events. Chemistry developed between Eaters members Jonathan Schenke and Bob Jones and Veronica Torres, Jonathan Campolo, and Benjamin Jaffe – all members of Pill (now defunct). The art-rock sounds married with the wonderful odd electronica to spawn the art-punk of P.E.

P.E. recently announced a full length studio album, Person will drop via Wharf Cat Records in March of 2020. The announcement was accompanied by the the track ‘Top Ticket’.

‘Top Ticket’ is a deceptively discreet release. For an apparently forceful sequence of bursts – electronic beats, pleasing distortion, filtered vocal tracks, unhinged laughter – there are subtle energies informing the process. That electronic elements retain the organic spontaneity is heartening. The sense of experimentation, and the apparent eagerness to explore without hypothesis brings optimism in a time when authentic electronic innovation is infrequent.

“I want the top ticket ” is a line that repeats, dissolves, expands in it’s own melodic theme. Beats scatter against themselves like granular reactions to larger detonations. The elements combine to make a new landscape, and the eclectic aspects pull together somehow to produce something surprising and real.

March is a long time to wait for the debut album from P.E.. It the world lasts that long this is just the kind of shit we’re going to need in the soundtrack the resurgence of good.


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