Palm Haze – Second Round

Palm Haze have just shared ‘Second Round’ a new track from their upcoming album Rêve Bleu which will be released on August 30 via YHS Records. This latest track follows previous singles, ‘Floating’ and ‘Almost Soon’. It comes with a video, and it possesses an angular and surprising beauty.

As with previous releases from the album ‘Second Round’ deploys the fuzzed effect of guitars. From the outset this track has an odd, hypnotic element simmering beneath the process. Perhaps a nod to the polyrhythmic sensibility of the duos’ Brazilian roots, there’s more than one level demanding your attention.

The track is split into two halves. The first is seductive, shadowy, disorientating. The second is more turbulent, releasing, and still disorientating. Things start to shred in the most pleasing volume.

Both halves, and the whole, are deeply rewarding. This is the the discussion between a consciousness and it’s self. Or a self and it’s consciousness. Or the ego and the Id. It’s great.

The visual element, directed by Matt Black, offers similar reward to the audio. Monochrome, brooding shadows and misty edges become suddenly colored, and paradoxically sharper and more misty. This is a band with a definite, singular approach to showing all of their sides.

Rêve Bleu is out this Friday. August 30th.


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