Particle Kid – Still Going

In a catalog of cascading events Micah Nelson, aka Particle Kid, shares the developmental landmarks that we all pass in one form or another. Internal and external measures are metered out. “When I grow up I’ll be the world’s most visible invisible man.” This moment is from the ten year-old, developing mind. It’s something that we’ve all perhaps felt, but never articulated. This song is ‘Still Going’. Taken from the upcoming album, Window Rock, the track sets a tone where the workings of the mind are articulated with intriguing nuance, a little menace, a little relief. Kinda like life itself.

The track reads something like a manifesto for an artist of Particle Kid’s type. Elements of memory smudge with perceived truths, and then there are facts. Nelson looks over his shoulder as he’s moving forwards, and the appetite for movement; the momentum driven by a creative yearning, is key.

The compulsion to sit and reflect is ignored, psychedelia blends with garage rock, blends with folk, blends with something urgent sounding that calls in the now. Production preserves the gritty, characterful aspects of atmosphere. It’s in the lyrics where the highest kind of purity happens. Nelson delivers a sequence of confessional-type moments – he calls up symbols and then breaks them to move beyond the realities that hurt, restrict and govern. It’s great stuff.

The light-blurring, home-video-like visual which shows kids in rocking chairs looped in perpetual memory allows oil drops and burned out celluloid to distort the view. Memories are only as reliable at the vessel that retains them. Commit this stuff to film, and it will only last as long as the film is preserved. Values shift, evolve, and hopefully gain meaning.

Window Rock is out on July 26th via OAR.



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