Party Hardly – Rats in the Kitchen

“Far from modest, and far from the truth.” Party Hardly level in on the corrupting influence of one generation on the next, and the propaganda of old-world ‘value’. The new track, ‘Rats in the Kitchen’ from Leeds (UK) band feels like a polaroid image developing in front of us. The portrait here is of old assertions, exhausted moralities, and outmoded nationalism – the corrosive effects of a romanticized history that was never real. The colors get brighter, the picture is clearer with each shake.

With a spoken-sung delivery Party Hardly bring an Art Brut affection for delivering complicated, and often nuanced lyricism. Yeah, ‘Rats in the Kitchen’ is a cliched title – but it’s also a truism, so the topic is set and then expectations are dismantled. This band know what they’re doing; they’re using this kind of old-world hook to demonstrate the limit of old language when dealing with new problems. Which, ironically, are timeless.

It’s hard to move beyond the effect of the bass and drum work. Yes, the singalong chorus is fully infectious – but it’s the fucking solid dynamic of the rhythm section that takes a very accessible track to the next level by pogo-ing to the the next floor. The energy is grand.

Party Hardly have a Blur-mocking title for their new EP, Modern Strife is Snobbish, slated for release on July 26th. That should be good.

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