Peach Kelli Pop – Crooked & Crazy

Peach Kelli Pop recently announced a return. Their playfully titled EP, Which Witch, is slated for release via indie record stores on Record Store Day. And, after a couple of years of waiting for the brainchild of Allie Hanlon to bring us fresh tunes, we’re genuinely excited to hear the first track from the new collection. It’s called “Crooked & Crazy”, and it’s about as good as we could have wished for.

Peach Kelli Pop, and the new EP, are a band and a release that underpin the sense of occasion – where independence, hard work, and creativity counter-check the more mundane mainstream. This lead track, which arrives like a blast of fresh air, lasts two-minutes, sounds like an instant car-radio classic, and restores faith in the power of exuberance and good intention.

But wait, all this talk of fresh air blasting for two minutes could give a false impression of a tune that’s too breezy, or rubbery, like bubble-gum pop. No, no, no – Hanlon’s trade-skills are such that she slips dark reflections beneath the radar. Observing herself in the mirror the narrator wants to drown out her own sound with white noise. She feels lost, she is depressed at the depth of her loneliness; her reality is crooked and crazy.

First impressions offered by upbeat, jangly guitars and driving drums are balanced by a lyrical weight that gets stuck right into the kidney punches. This is not a one-dimensional reflection, this is a song of hope and defiance. Hanlon acknowledges, and releases herself of the bruised ego that she’s been dragging around. She takes personal responsibility. How often does that happen in modern culture – where external blame is so frequently exchanged as currency? Hanlon knows that she has all the tools needed to repair herself. This is self-determination at it’s best. This is the kind of shit to be sung when the heart is broken and needs healing.

Peach Kelli Pop deserve to be added to the playlists that you build to measure out your seasons. “Spring 2018″ truly belongs to this track.”Crooked & Crazy” ushers in hope. It throws light into the darker corners, and frankly, it will still be dancing at the end of the year. This is the song that refuses to go home at the end of the party, it’s so intent on doing it’s own thing. Turn it up. Then turn it up again. Then go tell your friends.




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