Pin Ups – You Make Me Feel So Sick

Disclaimer: In an attempt to combat the winter blues, and the saccharine seasonal bullshit, we’ve popped a few too many vitamin D tablets today. Perhaps our heightened sunshiny disposition is artificially simulated… but let’s just say; thank fuck for Pin Ups.

Pushing aside all the soft-focus, and sentimentality that inform the more reflective, or sugar-dipped songs usually released at this time of year, the London three-piece of Joshua Gibbs, Jesse Baker, and Louis Baker thrust forward with a song for now. Their single ‘You Make Me Feel So Sick’ is a deeply pleasing, entirely urgent track that spills over with the kind of energy that makes pop culture worth a brawl.

Rapid fire riffing, and the kind of energy that comes from a parred down weaponry, carries a sequence of spitfired lyrics. There’s a directness of wordplay that is nuanced but also cuts directly to the quick. Here is a tale of brittle combat, and exchange of ideas in a one-way street. In a world of woke perspective here is an unapologetic expression of confident self-righteousness. “We can try it if you want to!” sings Gibbs, as if he’s asking a question, not issuing a demand. It’s the bollocks.

Accompanying visuals are just as sweet. Screens within screens display extracted, sometimes disjointed lyrics, and unflattering light shows the level of scrutiny that the subject demands. There’s a record of things, if not an analysis of emotional content.  Aspects of life and performance are measured on their own scale, and again the band pour forward with a kind of energy that isn’t as much ‘take it or leave it’ as it is ‘catch us if you can’.

So, yeah, perhaps we’re seeking reasons to be cheerful. Perhaps we’d enjoy just about anything that offers an antidote to the ‘everything else that’s going on in the world’ – but maybe that’s all we need. With the kind of post-punk approach to indie pop that had the Undertones winning hearts and minds; informing a generations of teenage kicks, Pin Ups stick a pin in the usual end-of-year antics, and make a song that sounds timeless, and carries with it the smell of spilled cocktails.


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