Pom Pom Squad – Cherry Blossom

We’ve loved Pom Pom Squad for a long time now. The quartet just dropped ‘Cherry Blossom’, their third and final track from the upcoming EP Ow which will be released on September 6. We just have to talk about it.

The grungy, weighted guitar-work from previous releases remains here, but ‘Cherry Blossom’ is an exercise in intimacy. Volume is removed, and in it’s place there is something softer, yet similarly urgent.

The paradox of frailty and resilience is measured out as Mia Berrin sings, “You’re gonna wanna be my friend one day / I think it’s best you stay the fuck out of my way / I hold you tighter until someone breaks / I hope you’re happy with the choice you made”. Holy shit, the vocal performance makes me want to sit on the floor. It’s hard to move beyond this. It’s impossible to play just once.

The deeply personal exposure of elemental truths is a challenge to listen to. Comforting, destructive, all-encompassing. Berrin articulates the raging emotions of love, loss, compassion, and self-preservation with forceful abilities. Cherry Blossoms, of course are famously delicate, famously beautiful – and they signal the shift of seasons. They’re a signifier of festivals, and the muse of countless poets. Berrin makes poetry too, of all of this.

Instrumental work is deeply rewarding. Quieter, more nuance guitar work affords space to let breathe out and light in. The art here is in affording a bottomless sense of hope. Resolve doesn’t come from the guitar, chords hang and wait for breeze, or other thoughts to come and alter course. Staggering stuff.

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