Pom Pom Squad – Heavy Heavy

Weight, is it an insufferable burden or does it give us meaning? From Milan Kundera’s The Unbearable Lightness of Being to Ivan Calvino to Zen Buddhism, the question of whether it is better to be light or heavy has plagued people’s minds for millenia. On ‘Heavy Heavy’ by Pom Pom Squad, this eternal quandary rages into anger and contempt, creating a classic rock ‘n’ roll track.

A distorted guitar riff creeps through the beginning of the track, setting the tone for Mia Berrin’s vocals. ‘I wake up feeling empty / Empty out the shit that’s in my brain / I press my head against the shower wall / And watch it all drip down the drain,’ she sings. The same riff repeats behind as the emptiness grows into anger: ‘I’m feeling empty / Fuck the MTA / I always miss my train.’

As Mia’s emptiness continues to weigh on her, the guitar gets louder and, eventually, the drums come crashing in. “It’s getting heavy heavy / Telling everybody that I’m fine / I’m feeling heavy heavy does it mean / I wanna fucking die?” are Mia’s final words before the track descends into chaos and redlines.

Discontent is a vital root of rock ‘n’ roll, and Pom Pom Squad digs straight into this concept on ‘Heavy Heavy.’ Not all rock is essential simply because it is discontent. Discontent for no reason is boring, especially when vocalized by whiny privileged individuals. But by acknowledging this discontent comes from emptiness, the inner rage that screams “fuck the MTA” because you always miss your train, the New York-based quartet shows a willingness to examine the unexplainable burden that comes from feeling nothing and that life may or may not be empty and meaningless.

On ‘Heavy Heavy’, art is examination and that alone is enough to make the track essential and, therefore, a pleasurable additive to the genre’s storied history.


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