Possum – The Hills

Things start relatively normal on the new track from Toronto-based Possum. For the first couple of bars ‘The Hills’ sounds and behaves like a whole bunch of driven rock tracks. We think we’ve heard this before. Things are deceptive though.

Nice riff. Nice base-work. Nice percussion. Nice guitar stabs. It’s all pretty fucking decent. But then a drop. The groove deepens, shit wails; the energy becomes more frenetic, more transcendent. And then the controlled detonation occurs. A hole is blasted in the side of this thing and the vocals open into a massive expanse. We pass from pretty fucking decent to trance-like psych strut. We have heard this kind of stuff before – psych rock has a well defined palette. Possum, however, deepen colors, fuck with textures – the appear to ignore convention.

‘The Hills’ is the first single we’ve heard from the upcoming album, Space Grade Assembly, slated for release on June 7th via Garment District. It’s a track of audacious ambition. A tune of playful, rolling features. Possum warp texture, timbre, and dynamic. They deliver everything with affection for the classic artists of genre. Yet, there is something purposeful, modern, and cutting in all of this.

At over seven minutes in length the charge of indulgence is easy to imagine, but there’s not a moment here where we think ‘edit’. Everything belongs to the process, and the process is measured well. Possum could stretch this track longer and it would be hard to want them to stop. What’s the point in stopping a trance?

The grit and depth of DIY production underpins this thing, and it makes for an interesting prospect when the album drops. If Possum can keep this up; balancing the audacious with the human perspective and self-reliance, the album should do well when shared on summer festival stages.


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