Premiere: Kilcid Band – Leadsinger EP

Referencing Britney Spears-style headset microphones, and suggesting that they are a band in which any member is a potential lead-singer, Kilcid Band let slip something of their affection for pure pop. Their new EP premiered here is called Leadsinger. Leadsinger is a five-track sequence of emotionally engaged, intellectually sound pop that pours light onto the center of a subject.

“A question that we can’t just help but ask you now is, ‘Have you lost your mind?'”. The opening line from the opening track, ‘Hard at Heart’ sets the tonal quality, and the kind of concise lyricism that populates the rest of the EP. Lyrically, Kilcid Band explore interpersonal relations and cultural ‘norms’, and in doing so they pay tribute to their own impulses, and the limits of their impulse control. And of course, there is a playfulness.

A soft psychedelic element colors progress through the EP. Have Kilcid Band studied in the Harry Nilsson school of sharp wit and sweet vibes? Jaunty, percussive melodies like those heard on ‘Sheeple’ or the EP’s lead single, ‘Working Man’ brighten corners of some dark subject matter. Layered harmonies, hand-claps, and choruses that demand sing-along reveal the inner workings of pop at the heart of the release. However, for all the ease of access there are challenges, surprises, and substance.

‘All Yr Dark’ and ‘Roadside Dog’ – the final tracks of the EP, deliver darker elements. Never dropping the invitational tone, guitars display a rustier edge. Lyrics “I’ve been in an Ice Age just waiting on the right thing to say” celebrate with some relief, but they also share the level of concern that the band nurture when getting things done.

To celebrate the release of the Leadsinger EP Kilcid Band are embarking on a tour of the western USA, kicking off with an appearance at Timberfest on July 12.


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