Psymon Spine – Eric’s Basement and Secret Tunnels

The lush greens and blues of the tropics echo with tree-top droplets still falling from a recently departed storm. The ocean is calm as waves splash by your feet as you walk up the desolate beach. The sun slips behind the horizon. “Eric’s Basement and Secret Tunnels” by Psymon Spine begins like the flutters of a newly dawning dream.

The awe-filled setting continues to emerge throughout the first minute, sounds building and swirling, steadily heading upward into the night sky. Just before the 50-second mark, the song bursts into its full majesty with the kind of underground dance groove that full moon partygoers rave about and the stuff basement kids use as building blocks for their future turn behind the tables. It’s the stuff of dreams – pure, unabashed reverie.

About a third of the way through the track a female vocal line washes in, a heaven-sent additive to the already celestial song. The next three minutes continue this joy expressed throughout the beginning, with an added beat that gives the track that collective dancing human consciousness type of rhythm that dance music lovers openly pine for.

Of course, “Eric’s Basement and Secret Tunnels” was originally released back in 2015 and was written in 2013. Psymon Spine, however, have re-recorded the track for their upcoming debut album, You Are Coming To My Birthday, due out June 9th via Axis Mundi Records. The re-release is accompanied with a music video that was painted by hand and animated using stop-motion by Director Erin Barry. It’s totally worth checking out below.

“Eric’s Basement and Secret Tunnels” by Psymon Spine is the kind of dreamlike track that lingers in your memory, returning at only the best of times when you least expect it.

For it’s celestial reverie and unabashed ethereal nature we give “Eric’s Basement and Secret Tunnels” by Psymon Spine 61 out of 71 newly noticed shining stars that have actually been there for years.


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