Rina Mushonga – 4qrtrs

Rina Mushonga’s albumĀ The Wild, The Wilderness was a promising set of tunes that blended the artist’s diverse influences into a compounded whole. Now here she is again, teasing all the elements of her cultural, geographic, and genetic make-up into the lead single from her upcoming sophomore release. The song is called ‘4qrtrs’. It’s a track that cuts further into Mushonga’s unique approach, and digs deeper into the personal, confessional aspects of the artist’s world.

In a narrative that describes the distance between lovers, Rina Mushonga explores shares a restlessness – and the kind of driven energy encountered when the object of affection exists in another time zone. “Space is the time / the time between us” She blends standards and measures like she blends tones. However, instead of confusion the compulsion to create and survive is key. Like the memories of times and spaces experienced by Mushonga, the sounds lay over each other, the colors of this bleed into the colors of that. Oftentimes the cutting edge is portrayed as a confrontational, or dangerous territory. Mushonga steps to the limit, but she does so with a lightness of touch to produce positivity. Negatives are explored but nothing is negated. Her expressions are framed in the positive. The result is an Afro-pop cut that colors itself with European indie-dance flavors.

Production is shiny, but the sound doesn’t stray too far or become overcooked. The edges of beats are softened. Guitars bring melodic progression to the high end, but they never become brittle. Mushonga retains her personal vision well, and the result is a deeply personal, unique expression.

Accompanying video, directed by Gugi van der Velden, using footage shot by Rina Mushonga marries the audio well. A first-person account of memory, contrast, color, and place that makes dancing easy, and reflection a part of the process. Simple, compelling, and increasing in depth with each replay. ‘4qrtrs’ is a clear cut signal of intent from an artist improving with each step.



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