ROOS – I Fail

Did you have plans for the next one minute and seventeen seconds? That’s the length of time you need to dedicate to the first listen of the new track from L.A.-based artist, ROOS. The song is called “I Fail” and it’s released to mark the passing of the first twelve months of Donald Trump’s presidency of the United States of America. But wait, it’s not what you think.

In recent months there has been a lot of art levelled at Mr. Trump. There has been a deluge of anger, opposition, and a kicking against the pricks. Artists working in all mediums, and in all genres, have raised voices and encouraged the fight. “I Fail” does something different. What this track accomplishes is the delivery of a balm.

Featuring the Occidental Community Choir, this gospel-based tune brings a definition of beauty that we need right now. Electric keys, and sampled birdsong open the tune but soon drop away for a bank of vocals that will open even the hardest heart. “…..I fail to use my time” is a lyric that offers self-awareness, and a sense of interdependent remorse. We are each to blame for the mess. But there’s hope – with reflection comes awareness, with awareness comes the opportunity to change. And this song offers the kind of release that’s so often needed when divisive thoughts have dominated. It offers pause, it takes stock, it delivers an alternative.

“I Fail” is lifted fromĀ Standards Vol 1, a four-track collection that sits as part of a song cycle that will be released in three parts. It’s ambitious, it reaches beyond itself, and into community. With this track ROOS has achieved the kind of alchemy that shows a plausible explanation for the letting-go of anger in such angry times.

We’re going to revisit theĀ Standards song cycle when more material is made public – but for now we’re hitting “I Fail” on repeat, and we’re feeling better about things already.

For “I Fail” we award ROOS not a single dry eye.


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