ROOS – Shame Shame feat. Eliza Callahan and Sam Gendel

Back in March, ROOS released Standards Vol.1. The collection of four tracks was a small, exquisite counter to noise and debate. The EP occupies a space that measures emotion with mind, and delivers beauty as an answer to destructive debate and process. Now, from that collection comes another release. ‘Shame Shame’ features contributions from Eliza Callahan and Sam Gendel. The track is given a visual treatment that develops the established dialog.

In it’s audio-only iteration ‘Shame Shame’ is smooth, and precise. The sonic equivalent of a water color. The strength of the composition comes from the fluidity and lightness of touch. What ROOS does with production is to balance the negative space of a track. Time is afforded to breathe, instruments occupy a meter that’s poetic, almost hidden. There’s  loose, improvised air about things. Eliza Callahan’s vocal work is breathy, but also strong. Pensive but certain.

Accompanying video is a sequel to ‘In Praise Of Idleness‘ And, once again ROOS serves composite images; oddly tender, and intimate observations of a life, and an unfolding landscape. It’s a kind of patchwork; self-shot videos by Callahan and the dancer/musician/painter, Peter LaBier. Again, there’s work from conceptual artist, Barbara Signer. It’s mesmerizing.

Along with the lyrics, which are presented in a quasi-subtitle format, are extracts from the book How To Win Friends And Influence People. The cross-pollination of ideas is pretty meta. Collaboration, creativity, and the value of connection is key.

Once again, ROOS continues a path of light.


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