Rosenau & Sanborn – Saturday

How do we fill space? It is finite yet change is constant. Harmony can be woven from distance and diversity. Everyday and exotic. On ‘Saturday’, Rosenau & Sanborn grasp for the distant from the leaf-covered backyard of their home. Bleeps and radio transmission twinkle against the harmonic sounds of an acoustic guitar. It is familiar and strange, like staring into the night sky.

Rosenau & Sanborn are composed of Chris Rosenau (Volcano Choir, Collections Of Colonies Of Bees) and Nick Sanborn (Sylvan Esso, Megafaun, Made Of Oak). The duo formed following an improvised, acoustic-electronic set at the 2015 Eaux Claires music festival. They are set to release their debut album, Bluebird, next week.

Shrinking distance seems to be at the center of Rosenau & Sanborn’s objective. Acoustic and electronic, warm and cold, coming together to form something cohesive and beautiful. On ‘Saturday’, they do this by embracing the random. Yet the sounds are familiar. 

The product itself is a mesh of child-like wonder and technical ability. There is an intuitive ease like the need to question. What is there out in the void and how do we fill the space between?

The reach of time and space remains unquantifiable, but it is full. ‘Saturday’ fills just under eight minutes with sounds seemingly at odds with each other and through it compose intuitive wonder.


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