Rosie Tucker – Ambrosia

Today, in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s the autumnal equinox. Seasons are shifting. It’s a good time for reflection. Rosie Tucker has shared a new track called ‘Ambrosia’ via New Professor Music.

‘Ambrosia’ is the first new material we’ve heard from Tucker since her album Never Not Never Not Never Not. The intimacy of the songwriter’s lyrics is laser-focused on the elements that connect me to you to her and everyone, and again the emotional intelligence is illuminating. Not many songwriters get to be this prolific, let alone this prolific and so consistently well measured.

“Ambrosia, dish of the gods gets / Covered in cool whip, shoved / To the back of the fridge / Black tank top, middle of autumn / Nothing is different / Just cause you wish that it is.” Ambrosia, and cool whip figure repeated across the verses. They are devices of humility and human behavior. These things that we nostalgically adore, and yet let go wrong in memory.

Mortality and the passing of loved ones brings the eye in. Rosie Tucker meanders around the flavors that informed previous personal encounters. She doesn’t go too far from focus, and there at the center is someone that she would love perfectly in every possible life.

Production by Wolfy brings out inclement tone of loss. Something in the sustain of a chord sits well under the rain that Rosie Tucker escapes with her Coltrane records, and then there is the swell to conclusion. “Nothin is simple just cause you wish that it is.”

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