Rosie Tucker – Brand New Beast

2020 is the year that we’ve just arrived at. They said it couldn’t be done, but look at us now, baby. We’re tearing dates off our calendars like there’s more days ahead of us than behind us. Well, not really. We’re still doomed. But it’s not all that bad either. Providing further evidence of why we continue our efforts to improve this planet and our personal lives, Rosie Tucker dropped a new track today. (Holy shit, it’s been almost a year since Never Not Never not Never Not) It’s called “Brand New Beast” and we’re going to talk about it.

Tucker has an ability to use as few words as possible to address as many issues as possible. She does that here. There’s a single idea at the core of the track, but other images cascade in association. From each of those points other themes will flower, but for now we follow the narrative.

Flies are swatted, the brand new beast is addressed – and somewhere in the middle of this process Tucker laments that she cannot even be eaten out. Then, later, she cannot even be made out / understood by the person, or people that she’s addressing. There’s futility, but also there is a kind of creative hope in the enterprise. Else we wouldn’t be singing along, would we.

Instrumentally, a lazy reviewer would say that in this track Tucker calls on the Crooked Rain Crooked Rain era of Pavement. There’s a sweet, angular riff, and corroded, but somehow shining guitar tones. A drum kit that punctuates opening lines with closed hi-hats and later a sublime cacophony. The bass feels like Tucker wrote a melody driven by the lower frequencies – here is where the chakras really align and radiate.

“Brand New Beast” addresses the unusual creatures living in shells that surround us, in our homes, and perhaps in our own selves. I don’t know. What is clear is that this track, like all of Tucker’s canon deserves affection and voice.

The artwork is beautiful too.

Turn up the song. Then buy the track. Then send Rosie Tucker money and nice things.


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