Rosie Tucker – Habit

Rosie Tucker just shared a new video and track from her recent album Never Not Never Not Never Not. The track is called ‘Habit’ and the video is solid juice. We’re going to talk about it for a bit.

In sequence to the album the tune sits as a kind of view-finder. Track number six of eleven is an address of the personal – a lifting of the head to check the narrator’s behavior against the toxicity around her. The bad habit is one of holding her tongue. Like other material on the album, this thing is driven by garage-fueled guitar and a level of self-awareness that distinguishes Tucker from her contemporaries.

The video, directed and edited by Julia Lebow, is a deceptively simple piece. Lemons load our vision. Tucker stands and sits amongst the citrus. She holds the fruit, and spits it from her mouth. Yes – life is giving her lemons. Lemon juice is also the perfect balm when squeezed in the eyes after the riot cops have sprayed you with tear-gas. Citrus juice removes the burn, and so the protest can continue.

Using lemons in the visual aspect of a song about life, and the eagerness to find a voice, and clarity of vision is shrewd as fuck. Pay attention for the single egg in an oven stacked with yellow fruit. It’s these touches – the nuanced little asides that speak to Rosie Tuckers attention to the finer points. A small slice of genius.


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