Ross From Friends – John Cage

Ross From Friends, aka British producer Felix Clary Weatherall, has recently joined the Brainfeeder label. The first release to come from the artist in his new home will be released on April 6, and it will be an EP called Aphelion. To celebrate the upcoming release we’re treated to a the new track, “John Cage” – which you can listen to below, if you like.

This track makes good on the promise that the producer has displayed over previous projects. One name in a wave of underground artists currently toying with experimentalism, cut-and-paste techniques and glitchier elements, Ross From Friends has the rare ability to guide audiences through off-kilter moments while managing to preserve the sense of fun, and accessibility.

The range of influences on display is not small. Hip Hop, Eurobeat, and lo-fi funk bleed together to produce a disarming sound – so for all the risks that he takes, there’s always an element of light where fun can be had. This is dance music, but it’s equally accessed as a kind of sonic vignette. The artist places textures, samples, and captured recordings together in such a way that a story is revealed via clues. Kind of like a cubist painting can be observed from one angle or another, one line of thought or another – so Ross From Friends assembles his ideas.

Harvested from influence, memory, and freestyle word-association “John Cale” bats ideas around with breezy simplicity. There’s an energy here that reflects the path of the 24-year-old artist, and how he arrived at the place he’s in today. But there’s also a bolder, more direct energy as if the past releases were building momentum to this launch, and a new confidence. The inclusion of his friend’s freestyle ‘relaxation tape’ at the start of the tune is nice touch that get things spinning.

It’s not long now until the Aphelion EP is released digitally. There’s just enough time to familiarize yourself with the new standard Ross From Friends has set himself. And if things follow his usual approach it won’t be long before the bar is raised again. This is great stuff.





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