SadGirl – Breakfast For 2

Los Angeles-based trio SadGirl have just signed to Suicide Squeeze Records. On August 17th the band will be releasing their first EP on their new label. “Breakfast for 2” is the name of the sequence – and it borrows it’s title from the first track in the new batch.

The roots of SadGirl are entwined with contrasting aspects of American music history. Yes, punk is here – but it’s the kind of punk that speaks to an ethos more than a sound. There’s a kind of soul too, the sort that escaped the British Invasion of the 1960’s but looked, instead, to the homegrown talents of the black underclass. The results in the SadGirl sound is a unique and unforced standard.

There’s a relationship between this material and that of earlier works from the band. Fans will remember “Breakfast is Over” – a kind of totemic standard that signified something larger than itself. The death of the most optimistic meal of the day is something none of can afford to take lightly. Here, “Breakfast for 2” restores the reference point – the heart remains broken, kinda. But the doo-wop stylings and spaced out surfy-rock vibe mean that light continues to pour across the process.

Instrumentation carries a timelessness. It’s hard to date a classic-sounding track that deals with classic issues. When the polished lead guitar phrase passes by a Wurlitzer organ in the middle-eight it’s hard to think of anything that better warms the heart.

Guitarist/vocalist Misha Lindes references the Israeli neo-rockabilly legend Charlie Megira. On the flipside of the “Breakfast for 2” 7 Inch is a cover of the Link Wray song, “Jack the Ripper” – a track that Megira had made his own. “…Our version is really an homage to Charlie as much as it is to Link Wray.” It makes sense that a band like SadGirl, who clearly geek on the history of their sound, would look to stars beyond their home constellations – and use those references within their own personable scheme.

This is great stuff. The vinyl pressing is limited to just 750 copies. Feels like must-have treasure.




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