Say Hi – I Just Wanna Go Home

Say Hi have just shared a video for a new track off the upcoming album,  Caterpillar Centipede. The track is called “I Just Wanna Go Home” and the video brings the kind of visuals that beg repeat viewing.

Say Hi, the project name of Eric Elbogen, shared “Every Gauge Is Empty” back in June. This new track adheres to the spirit of independence, and carries with it a singular vision of how shit should get done. This time things are rockier; guitars are heavier, and the riff sounds like the residue of Seattle’s 90’s rock scene. Elbogen is an artist spoken of with fondness in his hometown of Seattle. He is a one-man-band. He may tip his hat to the sounds of his formative years, but his direction is neither retro or sentimental. His creative scope is pleasingly off-kilter. Unfettered by external voices it’s the internal landscape that we see leaking out into this world.

Lyrical content here has a certain amount of tongue in the cheek. Current political issues, and the cultural landscape of toxicity and mistrust are conveyed. However, despite the title which suggests retreat, Say Hi don’t deliver a resigned tone, or even a call to arms. If anything, it’s the ridiculousness of the human condition that brought us to this mess, that’s discussed.

The video is also a celebration of things that shouldn’t belong together, but which do belong together in a dadaist sense. Elbogen’s moppish hair measures tempo like a metronome. A panda bear joins the chorus. There are dancing bunnies. A bunch of stuff like drums and drum machines get blue-screened over exotic locations. There’s a purple wig. The energy of the tune sticks to the visual – but Elbogen knows to avoid a literal depiction of lyrics. No one wants to see him being locked in a room with killer bees. Somehow though, that frenetic buzz is articulated good and loud.

Say Hi will release Caterpillar Centipede via Euphobia Records on September 7th. A week later, on September 14th Elbogen will be taking it on the road. He’s putting in some hard miles all across the USA. You have no excuse.


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