Sea Moya – New Past

At the tail end of last week Sea Moya released “New Past”. The song sounds like it was designed to soundtrack the spiritual holiday of 4/20, which was celebrated by the pious citizens of Planet Green, last Friday. However, there’s more substance to this tune than the easy-smokey feel that hangs over progress.

The band acknowledge the lysergic haze of electronic funk that this tune occupies, but nothing really prepares for the lyrical play and pleasing oddball-ness of the tune.

Analogue instruments are passed through treatments that saturate the sound. There’s a color-effect in the music bed that’s hard to express, but a bleeching-out of solid shapes happens, and all manner of effects unfold through the piece. Somehow, we’re spared anything that may be over-baked, and instead a low tempo provides space for breezing ideas to take shape.

The song tells the story of a man whose ambition is to travel back through time to once again meet a former lover. In returning to the past our narrator also removes the metaphysical quality of doubt from his mind. It’s a poetic notion that plays out well, and the lyrics – whilst mapping an unusual concept – remain simple, and we’re eager to follow the narrative. Because, y’know… why not? Vocal phrasing is pleasantly hypnotic, adding to a framework of retro-futuristic sounds of that echo¬†Moon Safari-era Air.

Accompanying the video is a superb exploration of time and space. Again analog effects pass through color-saturating filters. Costumes do much of the work, and our minds do the rest, as the band and a cast of extra-terrestrial characters populate the incredible voyage. No director has ever destroyed a planet as well as the celestial explosion that happens in synch with this tune. The video is beautiful. It deserves to be projected onto the sides of places like banks, or police depots. We’re talking about, y’know – the kinds of buildings where squares hang out, whilst they secretly aspire for an escape from mundanity.

“New Past” from Sea Moya is a thing of beauty. Musically, it’s perfect cup of Masala Chai to be sipped whilst the effects of other herbs take place. Visually, it’s crystalized oranges dipped in dark chocolate. Yeah – this shit is sensual. We can’t wait for the album – slated for release later this year.



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