ShitKid – Detention

“…I’ve been losing my grip, but I think it’s been a year or more since I lost it like that.” ShitKid has a new hold on things on Detention. The brainchild project of Asa Södeqvist was once described as the weirdest musician in Sweden, but now there’s clarity. The punk energy of debut Fish, remains – but now, this is not just a kicking-against-the-pricks. There are moments of genuine reflection, humility and personal resolve – and the pricks are still getting kicked.

Joining Södeqvist is joined by new bandmember Lina Molarin Ericsson. The addition of a new voice, a new energy, provides a new dynamic range that extends the depth of previous work, and informs much of the content here.

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All the grit and gristle of Fish is retained, but it feels like Södeqvest is keen to gain control of the runaway elements that populated the debut. Focus for bands and genres that shaped the artist’s formative years is central to the process here. Pop flavors smash into punk, but not in that shitty, shiny way where commercial radio-play is the only perspective. ShitKid simply know melody.

Across the eight tracks there isn’t anything but excellence from the bass. Did this album get written on that instrument? Not that the bottom end of instrumentation is everything – but here it swaggers, pouts, and points toward the direction of travel.

On Detention, ShitKid pass through memories of first rebellion, the romance of having no responsibilities, and they seek to inspire revolt in the young. For the main they hit every target with charm and ease. “My parents say it’s just a phase! HA!” is a line from ‘Grown-ups are KiDS’. This isn’t the only place on the album that ShitKid point to the evidence that no one is really in control, despite authorities’ addiction to control. Systems and procedures be damned. No one has a fucking clue about what they’re doing, and so that’s exactly who we shit listen to in the pursuit of our dreams. No one.

It’s true that there’s a naivety to this messaging. But when truth is best delivered with simplicity, and when schisms are as simple as ‘power has corrupted the establishment’ there shouldn’t be too much energy spent on refining the call of ‘bullshit!’.

In referencing the genre that influenced their life choices ShitKid articulate themselves perfectly. They lean back into the scene and offer something of a new shape to the established sound. They make something for their contemporaries. New riffs for the old ceremony, new pouts for the after hours party, and new terms to negotiate. It’s compelling stuff.

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