There has been somewhat of a void in sexy synthpop, but no more. Shura has filled it with the open, sexy, and love-filled ‘BKLYNLDN’. Tinted with an undeniable 90s stickiness, the track brings to mind the humidity of an amorous Brooklyn summer.

It has been almost three years since Shura, real name Alexandra Lilah Denton, released her debut album Nothing’s Real. Since then, the now 27-year-old has fallen in love, moved from London to Brooklyn, and is preparing to release her sophomore LP. ‘BKLYNLDN’ is the first taste we’ve received from the yet unannounced project.

“So you’re coming over, Brooklyn to London/ Though I didn’t expect it, now we’re lying in my bed/ Coming over, Brooklyn to London,” sings Shura in the chorus. This is Shura’s life, and she’s opening it up for all to see. As she explains in a press release, she fell in love and she chased that love over the Atlantic. She picked up her entire life, and she doesn’t regret following her heart. ‘BKLYNLDN’, aka ‘Brooklyn London’, is the artistic creation that resulted from the long distant relationship and the move that resulted from it.

“With ‘BKLYNLDN’ I wanted to explore having both a sonic and lyrical evolution,’ explains Shura in the presser. “It’s about desire – playing with the idea of it being all consuming and at times overwhelming. It begins with the immediacy of physical desire – ‘this isn’t love’ and yet as the song unfolds that sentiment begins to unravel; I am clearly in love and instead of my girlfriend coming to London, I end up moving to Brooklyn. I wanted to capture that reversal musically and the final section of the track encapsulates my summer, that feeling of skipping through Brooklyn, holding hands with my girlfriend and singing out loud, without caring about how ridiculous you might look to the rest of the world.”

Sweaty and sensual ‘BKLYNLDN’ may be the summer’s first hit, despite the early release date. It also comes with an equally sexy blue-tinged music video.



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