Sofa City Sweetheart – Stop The Thinking

There’s a moment in ‘Stop The Thinking’ from Sofa City Sweetheart that snaps expectation like a pencil. It’s one of those surprising, non-surprises that occur in song composition. It’s the arrival of the ‘thing’ that’s needed. It makes sense because it’s offered. It’s the thing that happens that you didn’t know you wanted to happen; the reward for realizing ‘this sounds familiar, but it isn’t usual’. We’re talking about the sound of a trumpet, which pours like sunlight into the indie-stained track.

It’s the sound of the trumpet that calls up the writer’s formative years, and the kind of cultural osmosis that happens to a kid in a neighborhood where all the radios play all kinds of music. The mashing of melodies makes for a new, familiar sound.

The track is the first offering fromĀ Juan Antonio Lopez’s upcoming album. The project has an ease of access. Lopez carries himself lightly, and he handles the subject of long-distance love, and loss with a healthy perspective – expecting, and almost celebrating the inevitable passing of all things.

Lyrically, this song has a framework that sounds focused on drive time radio play. Windows open, or windows closed, this is a track that’s designed to change the light of an environment. There is sorrow, but at the limit of that emotion comes acceptance, and a sense of relief and pleasure.

Instrumentally, the trumpet melds with a gently distorted guitar. Purity of brass, fleshing out the more gravelly indie timbre produces something good and arresting.

Accompanying visual, directed by Karma McCartney and Juan Antonio Lopez, shows a man squinting into the sun. He’s wearing an excellent sombrero. We’re toying with archetypes here, so nothing should be taken too seriously. A man. A damsel. A Villain. It’s all good.Ā  Shot in Joshua Tree, CA, it’s nice to see an artist enter the desert and return with a fun, or accessible set of images. It’s not all pomp, posturing, and pretense. Sofa City Sweetheart brings quite the opposite. Human, heartening, and infectious as hell.




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