Sorry Girls – One That You Want

Sorry Girls have shared ‘One That You Want’, the first track from upcoming album, Deborah. The track is a deftly crafted piece of synth-driven indie-pop, and it comes with a perfectly crafted visual. Let’s talk about it for a bit.

The duo of Heather Foster Kirkpatrick and Dylan Konrad Obront display an affection for the deeper reaches of pop culture. With a lyrical approach that captures the essence of non-ironic songwriters of the late 60’s, the subject matter here is heartfelt, authentic, and refreshingly sensitive.

Heather Foster Kirkpatrick sings with a certain kind of vulnerability that demands a certain kind of courage. The imploring of affection, which can often sound a little needy, here sounds reflective, knowing and somehow better than others.

The synth bed calls on the 80’s era of driven ballad and expansive, easy space vibes. Sorry Girls have landed on a track that’s virtually impossible to play just once.

The video, directed by Kirkpatrick and Lara Olanick, captures the cleanliness of a blue sky. Also reflective, also knowing, the visuals share and celebrate the kind of rich simplicity that happens when affections are discussed honestly, and without irony or snark. It’s just what we need.

Deborah will be released on October 18th via Arbutus Records.



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