Sorry – Right Round The Clock

There, in the flow of lyrical barbs of ‘Right Round The Clock’ there’s a play on Tears For Fears track, ‘Mad World’. “I’m feeling kinda crazy, I’m feeling kinda bad, the dreams in which we’re famous are the best I’ve ever had.” This isn’t the first time that Sorry – the duo of Asha Lorenz and Louis O’Bryen – have toyed with the morbid aspects of modern culture. Here, switching fame into the place of death speaks volumes to the world view we can expect.

This new track is shared ahead of an upcoming album. We’re told that the debut full length from Sorry will be dropped in the spring of 2020. 925 will be released on Domino Records. (Nice work, Domino Records)

Building on the trajectory of Home Demo/ns Vols I & II and a handful of stand alone tracks, the continued subject matters of behavior, identity, and analysis remain here. ‘Right Round The Clock’ clearly describes the thirst for recognition. But does it? The sardonic oscillation between ambition and disinterest in accolade is key.

Previous tracks, ‘Jealous Guy’, ‘Starstruck’, and ‘Showgirl’, all explore the themes of self and otherness. There’s also, deep in there, references to cultural voyeurism, and performance anxiety. The search for sincerity, and the deliverance/acceptance of hard truths is delivered with a knowing shrug.

The video for ‘Right Around The Clock’ continues the visual tone set in Home Demo/ns Vols I & II. At one glance the mundane becomes hallucinatory. Like everything from Sorry, it’s sexy, silly, theatrical and deadpan. Directed by Lorenz and the band’s visual collaborator Jasper Cable-Alexander the video manages to occupy to spaces at the same time. It’s mesmerizing.



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