Souvenir Driver – Spin

Back in August 2018 we were talking about Nate Wey. The Souvenir Driver frontman released a tender take on the Jonathan Richman classic, ‘Summer Feeling’. We spoke then, of the prolific output of the Portland-based artist, and the promise of a new album from his band. That new material is now on the near horizon, with the lead single, ‘Spin’ being shared here.

‘Spin’ is a smart track. It represents some of the best elements of the band, and yet it also distinguishes itself from the rest of the album’s material. Driven, and almost ‘classic shoegaze’ this is perhaps the most commercially accessible tune from an album of spacier, gleefully meandering tracks of the album.

Wey says the track came to him in a dream. He woke up and committed the structure to a demo recording during a 5am session. Of course, the song was developed by the full band, and cohesion is brought by the structure of others. But the dreamlike quality remains. A chord progression with no resolve, a disorientating synth pattern that sneaks up on things, and a lyrical wave that concerns itself with the nature of doubt. “Do you really always doubt?”

But this is Souvenir Driver. We’re never far from passages of beauty. Lyrically Nate Wey hangs a world view that encourages trust, and engages with wonder. On one hand we have a low-burning psychedelia – the synths, and a guitar hook that quasi-spirals into the brain. And on the other hand they drive straight for the spaces of traditional shoegaze – things are more open, more misty, less certain.

The upcoming album from Souvenir Driver is called ‘A Dangerous Crossing’ (lifted from the Nietzche quote, “Man is a dangerous grossing”) We can assume that ‘Spin’ sits in a larger portrait of the songwriter, or more ambitiously, all of mankind. Wouldn’t that be something?


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