Stella Emmett – DayDream

“You’re better than anything I made up, and now I have to give the daydream up” Stella Emmett sings the lyrical hook from ‘DayDream’ like a mantra. The track is the second release from her upcoming album, Admirer, which will be released on August 23 via Beachball Records.

With the single Emmett has released a deeply pleasing video. We’ll get to that in a minute.

Focus here is placed on the versions of ourselves that we project and protect on social media. However, instead of taking the easy route of the many – laying blame on the platform for the dislocate between reality and cultured images – Emmett owns the inclination to distract herself with Daydreams, which she then shares. Lyrically, she occupies the notion that these projections are required to aid survival from the disquieting realities of life. We buy into the alternate world, we actively pursue daydreams because the world is currently heartbreaking and bleak.

The accompanying video takes the form of an Instagram post. Memories, framed details of everyday romantic events; they pass before us as a document of the personal scale. Emmett sings of real life surpassing even her sweetest daydreams, and the images show she’s not lying.



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