STRFKR – In The End

Last week, STRFKR, those darlings of punked out disco, and champions of the finest Alan Watts samples, dropped a shiny new video in support of “In the End” a track from their excellent new album Being No One, Going Nowhere. We would have scribbled something about the video on day of release – but those lucky bastards on NPR premiered the video, and we had a weekend of doing spiritual stuff. Care-taking the mental continuum. You know how it is.

Shot on 35mm film the visuals are classily handled, and during an ‘intermission’ the audio plays nicely into the visceral expectations of STRFKR’s listening public.  Directed by Chris Birkmeier and Aiden Brezonick – who previously delivered Norah Jones’ “Tragedy Video”, this almost-four-minute piece is a clear homage to schlock director John Waters. Oh, and there’s a story – a clear narrative – which makes for compulsive viewing.

Like a John Waters movie this video contains a fair share of acid-blue hair, screeching tyres and sexually charged posturing from a couple of stunning drag queens. And like a John Waters film this video also contains a great heart at the center of things – beating out a story of souls forced into a life of crime and excitement. What both Waters and STRFKR know is that your audience need to love an element of the extreme realities if they’re coming along for the ride. There’s plenty to love here. There’s a good degree of togetherness too, and that’s always nice.

The video of “In the End” reflects the tone and quality of the album from which it’s taken. You’d be forgiven for thinking ‘initial impact is everything’ or ‘these divas just want to dance’ but actually, beneath the beats, colors, actions and characters there is something of substance and soul, and an evolution that rides the echos from long ago into a present state of warmth, appreciation and insight…a place where you’re free to dance. The spiritual stuff, right?

Being No One, Going Nowhere is out on Polyvinyl right now, STRFKR are out on the roads of America, involved in touring and taking this stuff to the stage. Also available on Polyvinyl – and an essential listen – is Vault Vol. 1 – the first record in a three-disc set that shares tunes from the Starfucker/STRFKR vault that no one outside the band has heard before. So, there’s plenty to keep your STRFKR appetites fed.

Check out the video below. We award STRFKR “In The End” 17 of 19 unmarked bills and a light aircraft to international airspace.


image credit: cara robbins

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