Sun June – the spookiest thing

Solid, straightforward songwriting, a simple theme, and a cool melody, ‘the spookiest thing’ by Sun June makes music look easy. It’s not, but the Austin-based quintet has the ability to make it look that way. Their recently dropped, Halloween-themed single is a reminder of what can be accomplished by doing something well and not complicating it.

Just five months ago, Sun June released their glistening debut album, Years. Filled with polished songwriting and hazy melodies, the LP’s honest and heartfelt tunes were a breath of fresh air against the usual beatings of posturing summer jams. The band immediately hit the road following the release, and wrapped up a European tour at the end of September.

Despite their hectic schedule, Sun June found the time to put together a seasonal two-minute-and-fourteen-second sonic bite that highlights some of the band’s best features. Laura Colwell’s lilting vocals lend beauty and emotional weight to a track that in less thoughtful hands might ring false. The bass’ simple rhythm builds and pushes forward, while  emotive piano chords provide both playful and thematic touches. The strongest part of ‘the spookiest thing’, however, is the songwriting.

The track takes the usual ghosts, ghouls, and witches associated with Halloween, and turns them into the basis for a love song. ‘The spookiest thing’ plays on the “strangest thing” love motif and does so with quick turns of phrase: “I’ve seen high, bright moons / turning men into / something wild and frightening / chasing me all night / but honey you and me / are the spookiest thing.” It’s a straightforward idea that the band executed flawlessly. The instrumentation is tight without feeling claustrophobic, Laura’s voice builds and wilts masterfully, and it all just a little fun without feeling saccharine.

‘The spookiest thing’ by Sun June sets out to create a little holiday fun, and does just that. They accomplish what they set out to do, and through doing so remind listeners of the quality of their whole body of work.

the spookiest thing



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