Suuns – Look No Further

Suuns have just shared a new video for a track from their new album, Felt, which is out on Secretly Canadian. The track is called “Look No Further”, and is a good detail to extract from the album.

The unusual indulgences of the avante-rock outfit found a new, looser, and more limber mode of expression on Felt. The pleasing confusion of contrasting traditions that met on previous releases has recently established a sound that can be tagged as being uniquely ‘Suuns’. The restrictions of tight kraut-percussions have been lifted, and there’s as much strut and shimmer here as we’ve ever experienced. Felt may well represent the best of account that Suuns have offered of themselves.

Darkness hasn’t been lifted entirely from the palette, so whilst this is danceable stuff it also carries the familiar substances and tones that we’ve come to expect from the Montreal band. It’s just that the bleaker passages have become somehow groovier. “Look No Further” is a track that illuminates some of the best moments of the album, it’s a smart tune too – made accessible for newcomers to climb on top of.

Filmed in San Antonio de los Banos, Cuba, the action here unfolds in a small village that was once a housing development for workers at a textile factory. There’s an elegance to abandoned buildings that can only be captured once the original purpose for the structure has been changed – and that’s what we see here. There’s a strange other-worldliness to the atmosphere – again, articulating the tone of the album.

The kids involved in the video are all non-professional actors. They’re simply responding to prompts which encouraged them to discuss magic – their reactions are what we see playing out over the tune, measuring out metaphysical qualities like disappointment and mystery.  It’s a strangely evocative video. It’s hard to watch this thing only once.

Suuns are about to head out on a US tour, before heading out to Asia and Europe before heading back to Canada. It would be smart to catch them live… more accessible, more magical, and with material that shows them at their best – the songs from Felt should make for some solid shows.




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