Teen Daze – Bioluminescence´╗┐

Bioluminescence is the sixth full length studio album from producer Jamison Isaak – aka Teen Daze. That’s a fact that relates to where we are in the chronology of the artist’s project. Facts are the least interesting aspect of the album.

Across this sequence of eight tracks Jamison shows an interest in the emotive, magical quality of a subject, rather than precise dimensions. The album title alone gives clue to the sense of wonder, the scale of nature that the artist is compelled by. Bioluminescent aspects of nature are arguably amongst the most magical phenomena.

There is a critique of electronic music that expresses a desire for something more human. Glitches may be added, and textures can oscillate to offer contrast, but the organic sense of things can be lost. It’s not the ambition of all electronic music to consider this desire of some audiences. However, Teen Daze produces a timbre that is rare in genre.

A track like ‘Longing’ produces a deep emotional connect that’s rare in type. There are other tracks, “Ocean Floor” or “An Ocean on the Moon” that offer organic-sounding samples, but it’s here that Teen Daze makes his tone all the richer, all the more substantive. He gives the music voice, depth and a nature of its’ own.

The emotional palette of Bioluminescence is not narrow, but whether we’re exploring the melancholy or the bright the focus is on melody. Teen Daze delivers surprising phrases, subtle deviations to the expected. So, whilst warm and secure there are also moments of genuine thrill.

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