Teen Daze – Hidden Worlds

Mallorca’s diverse geography moves from the densely populated capital of La Palma to the island’s flat central plains, to the thin, rocky beaches that run from Torrent de Cala Pi up through Porto Christo to the soft sand of Port de Pollença, and then up into the rocky, tree-filled cliffs of the Serra de Tramuntana. Warm, rhythmic, and exotic, ‘Hidden Worlds’ by Teen Daze is filled with the peaceful, yet tentative joy felt while climbing into and diving back down from the island’s mountain cliffs.

British Columbian producer Jamison Isaak has been producing music under the Teen Daze sobriquet since 2010. Over the course of eight years, he has released over 10 LPs and EPs, and last year started his own label, Flora, where he released Themes For a Dying Earth and Themes For a New Earth. This year, Isaak released two EPs and his first physical release under his own name. ‘Hidden Worlds’ finds the artist diving back into the sun-drenched world of Teen Daze.

Shakes and splashes provide rhythmic tranquility to ‘Hidden Worlds’, and as new instruments creep in, it feels like we’re peering into secluded scenes just visible off the side of the road. The synth supplies a distant glow throughout and there’s an indescribable magic expressed by the shaking fields, rolling ocean, and general urban white noise captured in field recordings that adds a dense balmy layer to the scene.

Speaking about the trip that inspired the track, Isaak explained, “In April of this year, my wife and I celebrated our five-year anniversary by spending five weeks travelling throughout Spain and Portugal. Throughout the trip, as I tend to do when we travel, I took lots of field recordings along the way. “Hidden Worlds’ is the sound of me trying to blend some of those recordings with the melodies and rhythms that feel connected to the places we visited. When I hear it, I can still picture the mountainside drives we did on Mallorca; hopefully it can also transport the listener to another place.”

‘Hidden Worlds’ is deep and dense, yet light, like humid summer air. It brings a classic Balearic feel and gives the impression that nothing can go wrong when surrounded by so much dangerous beauty.


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