The Blaze – Heaven

Life is raw and beautiful. In “Heaven” by The Blaze, nature and nurture blend as society stretches itself between freedom and structure. Motor vehicles, beers, and cigarettes exist in a landscape made of trees and golden fields. Friends and family celebrate new life. Jokesters and lovers bound through the high grass and climb tree limbs. Intoxicants are shared.

The Blaze possess an ability to depict the elegance of humanity’s ritualistic qualities throughout their audio and visual work. It balances guttural and pleasing elements. Characters and their worlds are both far away and near, as something untaught, almost animalistic, is explored.

In “Heaven”, new beauty has entered the world. There is worry, there is joy. The cinematography is graceful, while the movements of those on screen complement each sound. Synthesizers soar, low vocals illuminate, and we begin to grasp the surroundings.

In each of the songs and videos so far created by The Blaze, love and understanding are at the center. Whether it is between two individuals, a family, or a community, there is something accepted without ever needing to be acknowledged. In “Heaven”, the case remains the same. Words do not need to be exchanged for the messages to be understood. Movements and expressions take the place of language, and life becomes an intricate dance of intimate and shared moments.

This is the third video from the french duo, which is made up of cousins Guillaume and Jonathan Alric. Last year, they released their debut EP Territory. They are set to deliver their debut LP later this year.



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