The Blaze – Territory

Looking out from a boat deck a man takes in the white of Algiers. The city glows in dust and sun as the buildings reflect in the sea. The man, now on the steps of what must be his family home, fights back tears. Producer/director duo The Blaze deliver the emotional, human, and primal “Territory”, with a deft touch that is both caring and engrossing.

The video for “Territory” is masculine and beautiful, the song – warm, triumphant, and enveloping. “We’ve waited for this day / we share some tears of love now,” comes over the chords and beat as our lead is embraced by his family. The capital of Algeria acts as the background, but the setting is brought to life by it’s colors, spaces, and characters. One feels as if they have entered into this family’s home. From participating in salah on the rooftops to sleeping 12 to a room to playing with children in a courtyard, viewers move from spectator to denizen.

Like the ape the lead pretends to be while chasing youngsters around a piazza, the track is powerful. It is both man and animal, there is beauty in its force and emotions. A heart beats at its center, and like a prize fighter it floats lightly atop the canvas while delivery heavy blows.

Producing a track this staggering is difficult in its own right, shooting a video that pairs perfectly and enhances both sight and sound is near impossible. The Blaze is able to do both, creating a combo that is powerful and affectionate, yet never saccharine.

The Blaze’s six-song debut EP is due out this April via Animal63. And Romain Gavras has called it his, “favorite video of 2017 so far!”

For it’s powerful heart and emotional impact, we award The Blaze – “Territory” 6 out of 7 warm embraces welcoming one home.


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