The Drums & Jonny Pierce – I Didn’t Realize and You Lied

Recorded in 2012 ‘I Didn’t Realize’ comes from the vault of The Drums. Released today as a two-song single with ‘You Lied’ the tracks celebrate the consistent quality of Johnny Pierce.

Pierce describes ‘I Didn’t Realize’ as being a song easy to write in the afterglow of an epiphany. Instrumentally the tone embraces a gravelly synth-bed psychedelia. Lyrically we meander around the definitions of interpersonal dynamics, and the importance of retaining self, and mutual support. No more heartfelt than any other track in The Drums catalog there is something here that resonates oddly – feeling more cathartic, somehow. It’s great stuff.

‘You Lied’ is a softer instrumental piece. A clear companion to ‘I Didn’t Realize’, here we have the flip side of the coin. This is a place where personal responsibility is dissolved in a situation built on untruths. Intentionally slower, measured with a deeper level of intimacy Pierce doesn’t level anger as much as he registers sadness. Describing the track he says: “Years later, I have healed and am now in a place of greater understanding, but if I let myself, it’s still so easy to feel the pain of that violent chapter of abandonment.”

The Drums are currently on tour. Scroll down and check out the dates.

10/16 – Mexico City, Mexico – El Plaza Condesa
10/18 – Guadalajara, Mexico – Tecate Coordenada
10/19 – Monterrey, Mexico – Tecate Live Out
11/5 – Fresno, CA – Strummer’s
11/16 – Santa Cruz, CA – Catalyst
11/7 – San Luis Obispo, CA – Fremont Theater
11/8 – Santa Barbara, CA – SOhO Restaurant and Music Club
11/10 – Pico Rivera, CA – Pico Rivera Sports Arena
11/13 – Shenzhen, China – HOU LIVE
11/14 – Shanghai, China – MAO Livehouse
11/15 – Beijing, China – 北京 糖果LIVE三层
11/17 – Bangkok, Thailand – Maho Rasop Festival
11/23 – Jakarta, Indonesia – Lokatara Music Festival
11/24 – Rumah Kuala Bok, Malaysia


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