The Holydrug Couple – I’ll Only Say This

Chilean psyche-rock duo, The Holydrug Couple, have long been cementing their name as a purveyors of mellow-tripping, ethereal tones. For the last decade they have been developing a sound that’s self-assuredly unique. With the news of their upcoming album, Hyper Super Mega, (to be released on Sacred Bones in September) the band have also released what is possibly the most chilled out representation of their sound to date. The song is called “I’ll Only Say This”.

Back in 2015, in the wake of their second album, Moonlust, the band headed home from tours and promotional excursions – describing their mood as “directionless and listless”.  Ives Sepúlveda Minho explained, “The over-riding feeling was one of exhaustion… exhaustion of the planet and of culture, the overuse of references and information that you see everywhere, in fashion, literature, tourism, music, technology and so on.” This feeling; the saturation of ‘stuff’ is something that’s balanced out in the video which accompanies “I’ll Only Say This”.

An endless stream of cultural events, artifacts, and phenomenon play out as if a dream is seeking a shape which will bring meaning to the environmental madness. The images, for the main, are grainy, and not certain depictions of themselves. These images are not memories, but representations of memories – and most likely other people’s memories. The Holydrug Couple have been informed by these things, determined by the influence of these cascading shots – they are in the flow. If before they were exhausted, they have since learned how to accommodate, and surf across the face of the shimmering universe.

The chord progression is perhaps poppier than fans will expect. A bank of strings. A soft-percussive key pattern. A drone that alters pitch before whirling off into space. For all the retro-futuristic frame-working there’s a timelessness to the track. Where he video shows occult imagery mixed with pop-culture elements, the song structure reflects intention. A pleasing, bewitching element takes control of progress and the spell is cast.

If “I’ll Only Say This” is an indication of the trajectory of The Holydrug Couple’s new album, the title Hyper Super Mega, doesn’t sound all that overstated. This promises to be massive.





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