The Omega Point- Reservoir

The Omega Point is a project from the minds of Australian artist/producer Alexandra Moon and Mexican producer/instrumentalist Paul del Sol. The duo recently shared a new EP called Reservoir, along with the lead single and accompanying video.

Across five tracks the EP establishes a place much like the world of surrealist writer/film maker Alejandro Jodorowsky. We’ll get to the the Jodorowsky influence on the Hadas HInkis and Alexandra Moon-directed video in a moment, but the reference is not one made lightly.

Both musically and lyrically The Omega Point call upon symbols, structures, and archetypes. They draw on aspects of culture that already carry familiar resonance, but they skew things one way or another. The result is that conventional instruments; guitars, synths, percussive devices produce a sound that’s entirely something other.

The atmosphere of opening track “Virus” measures the dread of the impending unknown, against the absence of the familiar and loved. The Omega point place contrasting and sometimes contradictory elements beside each other. The duo sing in tandem. “Just like a virus, I’ll come for you at night” but as del Song sings “Where is your mother, to come for you at night?” Moon synchronizes her line “Where is your mother, to comfort you at night?” The EP is populated with these discreet tweaks where an inner dialog compliments and dismantles itself to great effect.

The video for the title track similarly plays with symmetry, imbalance, and the adoption of symbolism to create, and not simply reflect a world. Quasi religious or ceremonial gestures and outfits are framed against grand architectures. To deconstruct the process here would stupid, so we won’t attempt a description. Watching, and rewatching the video will bring it’s own rewards, which may also alter with each viewing.

Simply put Reservoir EP from The Omega Point is a release of significant reach. This is pop music at it’s most angular and ambitious. It is good art.


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