The Ophelias – Fog

“I want to be warm / I want you to be warm / please don’t leave me alone / I want to be worth it” Is a lyrical bait in the middle of “Fog” from The Ophelias.  A track that opens with an excerpt from artist Laurie Anderson’s electronic piece “O Superman” makes clear it’s intentions from the outset. The Cincinnati four-piece deliver this new track, along with a perfectly-fitting lyric video today. It’s short, it’s sweet, and it’s inviting.

The track weighs in at little under two minutes. We like these tracks that do the business and then get out without concerning themselves with conventional timestamps. “Fog”, populated with tender lyrics, and gentle vocal layers feels like a balm in more than one sense. This isn’t a guitar-driven track – it’s hard to fathom what’s driving this thing; we say that as compliment… it’s a grand kind of abandonment. Sure, there are strings that gently stab a tempo, and there are guitars – the conventional weapons of indie rock are utilized, but they are dressed with something more. Around shuffling drums the voices swirl and bounce off one another – the result is an echo chamber. The Ophelias cast wishes into the space, and the result is magical.

The video has it’s own magic too. Artwork provided by the band, and directed by Joe Shaffer; the scroll-through of butterfly prints, simple phrasing, and photographs from the band’s scrapbook lend weight to the personal perspective. A foggy night in a field, beneath a moon add to the bewitching quality of the piece – but it’s the object of affection, whose name sets our narrator on fire, that cuts through the fog like a beacon. All of this is for love.

Taken from Almost, The Ophelias upcoming album on Joyful Noise Recordings, “The Fog” underlines the distinct quality that the band offers the current scene. There is urgency to what they do, but it’s measured against a knowing self-edit. What gives The Ophelias their strength is explained in a track like this. They know, and have affection for the conventions of the pop single – but they toy, gently with what you may expect.

Breezy, bright, and so well framed, any sense of trepidation or confusion is countered by the quiet confidence of the piece. Don’t be misled by the lightness of touch – The Ophelias mean business. We need more of this kind of thing.



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