The Paranoyds – Carnage Bargain

“Barbed wire on the fence doesn’t make any sense. Why would I want to keep cool shit way from me?” So beings ‘Carnage Bargain’, the title track from The Paranoyds upcoming album. We’ve previously heard two songs from the LA quartet, and momentum is building toward the September release.

Fuzzed out guitars, willfully smudged vocal tracks which somehow heighten the personal take, and a bass-line that brings everything set the tonal quality. It’s easy to call The Paranoyds punk, but they extend into something more than tight genre definition. Previous tracks “Girlfriend Degree” and “Hungry Sam, display the best of what punk can achieve, but we’re getting a clearer picture that this is a well-informed band who are perhaps wordier than we may expect. It’s this arsenal of issues finding flow with easy lyrical riffs that make for such a compelling contrast to the norm.

Barbed wire fences have long been in contention – a symbol of division, architectural violence, cheap and ugly lines between this and that. It’s fitting that a politically pointed track hangs on this kind of line. The Paranoyds frame their view in this time of the here and now, but there is an unfortunate resonance that makes this stuff timeless. Sometimes registering personal distaste in the face of fascism is all that we can do. Other times we can present art as a force in the face of adversity. Paranoyds make those attempts, and deliver well.

Accompanying video starts and ends in dry heat. Directed by David Ruiz and Max Flick the visuals place a band performance between derelict buildings, shallow rivers, and fences. There’s fun to be had in the face of opposing forces. We dance, and sneak our fight under the radar. While some people are capitalizing on the suffering and subjugation of others The Paranoyds are displaying compassion with an offer to pick up the garbage. The phase seems disposable, but it is not. The level of compassion, empathy and inclusion is heartening, and we need more of this. At volume.

Carnage Bargain will be released via Suicide Squeeze Records on September 13th.


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