TMBOY – Seed

Hazy waves wash over, revolving and repeating. Island percussion bursts through adding vibrant colors to the landscape. “Seed” by TMBOY is a post-impressionist depiction of the beauty and pitfalls of young love. It’s busy and new and far-flung, distant from what you’ve experienced before, yet it seems natural.

TMBOY is made up of Sarah Aument and Will Shore. The duo have been playing around New York, New York since forming in 2015, and they released their debut EP, Tomboy, that same year. This is their first new material since and comes from the double-single Focus / Seed.

“Seed” sets a tropical groove. It’s lush background gives way to Aument’s carrying vocals, which reach out from a familiar past reminding of rebellious late 60s Brazilian pop before blending into more modern electro-pop. House is mixed with a busier palette, and the track hooks onto desire, pulling on your heartstrings.

Aument says about the song: “Seed” is in part a love song but it’s also about becoming totally consumed by something that isn’t real. Most of my initial romantic experiences as a queer person were ones where I made up that the other person was gay and had romantic feelings for me. I wanted so badly for my feelings to be reciprocated that I started see signs of their “attraction” for me where there was none. But the song is also about romantic experiences I’ve had later in life, where I’ve wanted people simply because initial lust and attraction feels so good. I was using it as a distraction, an escape from other things in my life. I think I wrote this song when I was finally starting to realize what I was doing and how it was hurting myself and others.

“Seed” has the essence of Paul Gauguin. Here Paris is traded for New York and Tahitian landscapes for Balearic beats. What is real pushes against what you want to see, and selfish desires are juxtaposed against reality. It all comes in an bright attractive package that you want to touch, but there is more behind the impulse, and you must peer deeper.

TMBOY newest single plays with the simplicity of the classic love song and pushes further, revealing the selfish motivations that often lie within. Aument’s vocals expose the difficulties of coming to understand one’s self. And “Seed” is the well-crafted, intricate self-portrait resulting from the demanding work.

Seed / Focus will be out on June 29.


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