Uni – The Girl Who Has It All

Psych-rock outfit Uni have just shared a video for their latest track “The Girl Who Has It All”, (which will be released on a lovely bit of green vinyl this coming Friday). The trio that has become synonymous with videos of a certain kind of clout, and songs with a certain kind of strut, have once again racked up a release that’s as exuberant, funny, dark, and wonderful as anything we’ve heard in recent memory.

The target of the track is a certain kind of icon, here embodied in Kim Kardashian. A strong silhouette, and an instantly recognizable brand is the perfect focus for a band who borrow from the classic sounds of the 70’s but with a hyper-real dress-code. Stripping back the vacuity of a Kardashian doesn’t seem like much of a challenge, but what Uni achieve is a fresh take on the formula. The fuzzed guitars, and grooviest of grooves dig into a textured percussive pattern that does as much to disorientate the ear as it does guide us to the dance floor. This thing swaggers about like it doesn’t know where the red carpet ends. And for all the jagged edges and sweeping glam-grandeur of the band, their self-effacing humor drops a pin in the map to say ‘THIS is where we’re coming from.” It’s fucking great.

Speaking on the origins of “The Girl Who Has It All” Uni said this: “We wanted to write a song about the most perfect woman in the world and we came up with a few names: Margaret Thatcher, Daryl Hannah, Joan of Arc, Anne Frank, Countess Bathory, Aretha Franklin, Mary Jo Kopechne, and Stormy Daniels to name a few… But we realized Kim really had it all. Better than having it all, what she didn’t have, she could buy. Move over Rosa Parks, sit down Susan B…we wrote this for the woman who wrote Selfish: The Selfies of Kim Kardashian, as well as the long-awaited Selfish: The Selfies of Kim Kardashian with MORE ME! We hope you enjoy it as much as she enjoys herself.”

A stop motion story of psychedelic mushrooms, strange beasts in a secret garden, and pleasingly disturbed human shapes all unfold before us. Whilst the video may not me as easy to watch as “What’s the Problem?” which showed the band at their most beautifully dressed, this dark and shimmering world is a good example of why plasticine was invented.

Turn it up. Expand to fullscreen.

Uni will be on tour soon playing shows with Mudhoney, Warbly Jets, White Denim & The Dandy Warhols.You should go and see them live. What else did you have planned?


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