Van Goose – Last Bus

Van Goose is the solo project of Marcy Playground drummer Shlomi Lavie. It’s perhaps no surprise, then, that the percussive elements of ‘Last Bus’ are driven, and injected with a woven sense of purpose. Melody relies on rhythm, and rhythm relies on a human exchange with the drum machine, set somewhere left of the center. Someone spilled a cosmo on the drum machine – that much is clear.

There’s a pleasing, meandering element that lends atmosphere to this track, the first from Van Goose’s upcoming album, Habitual Eater. There’s a sense of purpose, and Lavie clearly enjoys the thrust and innuendo of a dance punk meter. A subversion of things unfolds. One moment we’re strutting, one moment we’re smooching, one moment there’s the threat of some minor, playful violence. The setting off of a fire alarm, or something like that. High jinks may be a better term.

Lyrics carry an element of regret. “I’ve got no feeling in my upper jaw. I’ve got no feeling in my upper jaw. I should have taken the last bus. I should have taken the last bus. You said you’d take me to the other side. You said you’d take me to the other side. I had a whisper of doubt” Seriously, right? We’ve all been there.

The forward-propulsion of the track is strong. You can tell the ancestors of influence, almost from the outset – but those ancestors are high pedigree, and deeply respected. Electronic instruments melt together with the human element, and the results are solid.

Accompanying the track is a visual treatment that cascades through a string of pleasing surprises. Like the track, almost speeding too fast for it’s own attention span, here’s the kind of party that has held us all prisoner at some point. Wishing we’d caught the last bus is a universal, metaphysical truth. Van Goose knows that sometimes life cannot be escaped.

Van Goose may be on something to cause the loss of feeling in his face. He is definitely on something with this trajectory. The album – promised for release ‘early in 2019’ – can’t come soon enough.



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