Van Goose – She’s No Pressure

Last week Van Goose shared ‘She’s No Pressure’. This is the second single from his upcoming album, Habitual Eater – which will drop on March 1st. Hot on the heels of ‘Last Bus’ – a kind of urban morality tale which documented the fun of a party-gone wrong in the mind of a derailed heroic type – this new release could be considered darker, more sinister. Perhaps it’s more fun for exactly those reasons.

Shlomi Lavie – the brains behind Van Goose – documents his sense of humor well. Not that this is a gimmicky or humorous release. However, shimmering beneath the surface, just like on ‘Last Bus’ there’s a sardonic residue; the product of an intelligence that knows that laughter is a necessary device for survival in the modern epoch.

The story here is best described by Lavie: “I read in the newspaper about a woman crashing her own funeral. Her husband hired hit men who ended up showing mercy and didn’t kill her. But they held a funeral anyway, as a setup for the husband. She just showed up and said “surprise! I’m still alive!”. True story. That really intrigued me and made me think of what drives a person to murder their partner.”

So, erm… yeah, it’s clearly not a jovial theme… but Van Goose knows how to find the dance in anything, and so the energy here is set to avoid constructed, or trite responses to the norm. There’s a cleverness to process, but not an exclusive gatekeeping intelligence. And whilst Van Goose has hipster elements, there is no air of otherness. The entire crime scene is converted to a kind of dance zone. All movement is channeled into art. The track oscillates between associations; nods to the knowing, and flat-out flirtations in the dark. It’s good stuff.



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