Verdigrls – Daylight Savings

Ahead of the release of their Small Moves EP (coming May 17 on Substitute Scene Records) Verdigrls have shared the track and accompanying video, ‘Daylight Savings’.

There’s an unassuming air about the track. Breezy, bright, and with the kind of easy appeal that places the instrumental passages in contention for indie-movie soundtracks. It’s there, it’s beautiful, but it wins by wearing soft shoes and dancing gently in the corner of the room. Lyrically, however, there’s depth and reach that suggests the Verdigrls can’t conceal their reading habits.

The sisters, Anna and Catherine Wolk have a sense of the classical. There’s something of the Bloomsbury Set about this chamber pop. We say this not just because of the strings in the song, or the structures which they build a melody around. But there’s a depth of awareness that once learned cannot be concealed. There’s nothing slouchy, nothing let go, or occurring by accident. The meticulous approach to detail is incredible – more so in that it produces such an easy sound.

Lyrics touch on the unbearable lack of enthusiasm to engage. This isn’t suicidal, burning passion, but a deep ennui, that’s also smart enough to avoid self-pity. The swelling emotional scape that most people have felt of ‘well, why bother?’ is conveyed with intimacy. The irony though, is

There’s honesty to stuff here. In the video we watch as flowers are offered, and repelled. The quest for love, or at least connection is sought and denied. Like the strings that form the bed in production this thing is bitter sweet. The lighting of the visuals is stunning. Someone should say that.

In fact, the lighting of all the elements here – even at the sonic level – should be mentioned. The way they illuminate with softness and precision is a rare trick that Verdigrls achieve. Again, perhaps an illustration of the classically trained ears – the sound here is one of things being channelled and expressed, rather than forcefully claimed.


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