Versing – Renew

Hope is strongest when it squeezes its way out of the concrete and careens through the alleys on the darkest night. It’s truest and most resounding resonance is in response to bleakness. Whether that comes from personal or universal struggle, it is that willingness to gasp that gives it strength. ‘Renew’ by Versing yearns with hope.

‘Renew’ possesses urgency. It propels weight forward from the first pluck, and that guitar pushes, hanging on a singular note, until fuzzy drums crash in behind adding abrasive depth. There is something familiar about the riff, a feeling of pulling one’s head out of wet grey mass, both liquid and hard.

After releasing two EPs, Nude Descending and “Tape” – in January 2016 and February 2017 respectively – Versing released their debut LP, Nirvana, in September 2017. On May 3, they will release their follow up, 10000.

‘Renew’ is the final track from the upcoming record, and Daniel Salas, the group’s main songwriter/guitarist/vocalist, says, “it’s about taking time to care for yourself—even when things are all weird and fucked up.” He also calls it his most hopeful song.

‘Renew’ certainly rings with hope, one more similar to early years Silent Alarm-era Block Party or Joy Division, which gathered their momentum from uncertainty. “Unsure if things will ever change, but some things never stay the same,” sings Salas. It’s this unpredictability that provides hope alongside obvious despair.

Hope rings through on ‘Renew’. It comes from a place of uncertainty, which adds a layer of depth and complexity to the process, but Versing presents the dilemma with simplicity, allowing, at times, a singular note to carry the weight. The willingness to allow everything to be carried on a single string shows the actuality of that hope.



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