We Are Scientists & Art Brut – Handle With Care

Is a super group formed when a number of artists gather to form a new group outside of their familiar, known, established bands. Or is a super group just a bunch of artists who are simply super? WASABI may tick both boxes.

We Are Scientists and Art Brut (International) joined forces to produce a nine track release for Record Store Day 2019. The single from the collection is a spankingly good cover of The Traveling Wilburys’ ‘Handle With Care’. A supergroup covering another super group. Super.

We Are Scientists and Art Brut toured together, some thirteen years ago. At that time, in celebration of the tour, and their friendship they released a double-sided single. Art Brut covered a We Are Scientists track. We Are Scientists covered an Art Brut track. It’s nice when bands get along like this. To celebrate the anniversary of that celebratory release, the two bands joined forces again. Celebrate!

Eddie Argos said this about how things came about; “Our record label tried to make this Art Brut vs We Are Scientists, but it doesn’t work like that. WASABI are a motherfucking gang! It’s a legendary team up! Crushing all other bands with our Traveling Wilburys covers and awesome songs. We’re on the same side. Wasabi vs ALL OTHER BANDS!”

Across the nine tracks there’s a whole bunch of swapping roles. Again each band covers the other. They offer previously unreleased stuff, and a bunch of fresh takes of known tunes. At the cornerstone of all of this is the superist super group of all time.


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