Whitney – Valleys (My Love)

On August 30th Whitney will be releasing a new album called Forever Turned Around. Taken from that collection is a new track and video called ‘Valleys (My Love)’, and we’re going to put our ears on it for a bit.

Continuing the tonal approach of their 2016 debut, Light Upon The Lake, this new track deepens the sense of soul in the country-folk sensibility. Here there are more twists of modernism, and a sharpened sense of possibility. An exquisitely easy track to access also provides a nuanced kind of experimentation – so once you’re in there’s plenty to explore.

Lyrically, this is an excursion into the nature of love, and the hidden places that it can enter, recede, and divide individuals from their dreams. There’s a softness to the production, and progressions call on classics from an era when folk-rock dominated the charts. Whitney play with the alternating currents between the familiar trope and the stuff we know of the world today. “There’s got to be another way. I’ve been on my own all day….”

Accompanying video, shot by Nicholas Woytuk, mirrors the song well. Following a lonely trucker on his route through the American landscape, Woytuk points his camera at something, and that something is beauty. From sprawling vistas; grasslands, mountains, wind farms and valleys – to the more intimate scenes of local, mundane wonder; diners, gas station pumps and plates of bacon and eggs. Nicholas Woytuk should be employed to follow the tour that Whitney take to share Forever Turned Around.

The depth and breadth that Whitney explore in ‘Valleys (My Love)’ is ambitious and perfectly realized. The trajectory for the new album is inviting as hell.


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