Will Fox – Cosmic Dusting

Through the four tracks of Cosmic Dusting EP Will Fox expresses the precarious aspects of life. He paints a series of moods against the fleeting nature of everything.  Opening track is ‘The Days’, concluding track is ‘Bygones’. The sense of intimacy; the human element within a larger set of fading circumstances is why we’re here.

Will Fox may be recognized by some keen listeners. For a while he was a contributing member of the Los Angeles Police Department – a band known for building, and occupying its own niche in the L.A. music underground. Here, he continues to explore similar chord progressions, and the fondness for easy tunes remains. However, melodic structures call further back to a time when folk, folk rock, and the tradition of the singer songwriter made it into the mainstream.

Despite the obvious fondness for the timbre of 70’s production techniques Will Fox underlines his modernism with a set of lyrics that share a topical set of concerns. In addressing the timelessness of archetypes we’re able to focus on the stuff that’s right in front of us. The moments when Fox leans in on cliché are negotiated by framing experience as totemic. It takes a certain kind of relaxed confidence, and awareness of craft, to pull this off. Cohen managed it, Nick Drake made it work, Joni Mitchell used similar devices. Clearly, Will Fox hasn’t yet hit the iconic orbit of these artists, but in his understated approach he’s setting a trajectory that should be followed closely by anyone that gives a shit about where the tradition is heading.

Fox’s vocal performance, especially on ‘The Days’ shows the artist’s eagerness to pour himself forward. Wait. We’re not saying that there’s a hunt for operatic scale, or an embarrassing display of needless range across the octaves. What he does is share an emotional honesty that captures the spontaneity that many songwriters spend their time trying to synthesize. It’s the authenticity of expression that distinguishes Cosmic Dusting.

The constituent tracks of this EP each offer moments for pause, and reflection. They bring an emotional intelligence in an assessment of the surrounding chaos. As a whole, Cosmic Dusting shows Will Fox as a songwriter with a natural inclination to connect, and make constellations. There’s no manipulation or forceful taking of an issue. A subject is occupied fully, understood or not understood, and then celebrated as being beautiful within itself, and in it’s relationship to the void.






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